Level 1 Certification - Oct 21-23 & Oct 38-30, 2022

IFI Health and Fitness Professional Level 1

This course runs from Oct 21-23 & Oct 38-30, 2022.

USD $ 599.00

The IFI Health and Fitness Professional Level 1 course is designed for accredited fitness industry professionals and University graduates with an interest in the theoretical and practical application of exercise and behaviour change with a results based philosophy for long term health, wellness and fitness outcomes for non-clinical populations. The 32-hour course includes a unique blend of theoretical course delivery meshed with interactive tutorials, group discussions and interactive practical experiences. This unique course places a strong emphasis on practical skill development in an applied learning environment to create xAlt Certified Trainers/Coaches equipped to commence work upon successful completion of the course.

Modules & Topics:

  1. Client Onboarding, Assessment and Screening
    • Introduction to xAlt and the 6 Pillars
    • Client Onboarding and Screening
  2. Exercise Readiness for Health and Wellbeing
    • Enhancing Client Mobility
    • Determining Exercise Capacity
  3. IFI/xAlt Essentials 1
    • Stress Resilience for Health Professionals
    • Breathing Techniques for Fitness Professionals
  4. IFI/xAlt Essentials 2
    • Sleep, Health and Wellbeing
    • Injury Prevention Principles and Practice for Fitness Professionals
  5. Exercise Programming and Planning
    • Exercise Programming and Periodization
    • Exercise Techniques and Progressions 1 – The Big Three
  6. The IFI Trainer’s Toolkit
    • Developing Muscular Strength and Hypertrophy
    • Exercise Readiness and Recovery Tracking
  7. Mindset and Behaviour in Health and Wellbeing
    • Rehabilitation Exercise and Program Development for Fitness Professionals
    • Mindset and Facilitating the Client Experience
  8. The IFI Trainer’s Toolkit
    • Goal Setting and Behaviour Change in Health and Wellbeing
    • Health, Wellbeing and Fitness 1%ers