Why xAlt?

What is xAlt?

xAlt is an integrated wellness application and fitness platform for trainers/coaches to conveniently deliver wellness and better health outcomes for clients. xAlt takes the approach and methodology designed and taught by IFI’s academic experts to deliver individualized and holistic training to improve the health and wellness of its members. With the use of AI technology, diverse content, and an extensive client intake process and patent-pending mobility assessment, coupled with the xAlt dashboard, IFI certified trainers/coaches can accurately and easily progress their clients through life changing behaviours at a pace that is safe, convenient, and personalized to them.

xAlt’s dashboard allows trainers/coaches to manage and grow their business in one, convenient place. xAlt keeps you accountable and earning the highest payout in the industry, while ensuring your clients get lasting results.

One of xAlt’s greatest advantages is working with clients to develop knowledge and an awareness of potential. When an xAlt client becomes aware of what is possible, how making small incremental changes can lead to profound results, the client becomes knowledgeable that building muscle and physical fitness can have a positive impact on all aspects of their life. IFI certified coaches understand this deeply.

xAlt has created a platform that enables trainers/coaches to create an environment that challenges and supports our members in a way that will give them the confidence to achieve their goals and have a positive relationship with their health. The xAlt platform is a community where individuals can find social connections and feel a sense of belonging, both necessary for good mental health. xAlt believes that obtaining better health outcomes and improving quality of life is not otherwise possible. xAlt trainers/coaches will provide their clients with authentic connections; as the relationship takes root, trainers/coaches drive accountability and build motivation; they help set goals, build momentum, raise the bar, and ride out the tough times.

xAlt is a medium to make the knowledge you learned and mastered from world-class academics accessible to the general population.

What is an xAlt Coach?

Coaches meet virtually with clients, one-on-one, on a weekly basis to work towards achieving their health and fitness goals. xAlt coaches are experts in maximizing knowledge transfer. Coaches support goal-identification and achievement, personal growth, and behaviour modification, as well as provide validation, motivation, and accountability for their clients. xAlt coaches are professional; they are passionate, dedicated, optimistic, adaptable and empathetic.

xAlt’s coaches are here for the long-run. They continuously assess their client’s health, fitness, mobility, and well-being, as well as monitor and track progress overtime, educate, raise awareness, and create trusting and welcoming environments that breed success. Their ability to customize programming keeps members accountable toward their goals. xAlt coaches are truly committed to helping their clients live healthier, happier lives.

Exclusive benefits

What It Looks Like

xAlt enables you to showcase yourself to potential future clients. Set your own training rate and share your skills, speciality areas, and health/fitness mission! 

IFI Certified coaches are eligible to train xAlt’s corporate clients. This means that xAlt gives you clients to train from corporate partnerships! 

IFI Produces Successful xAlt Coaches & Trainers

xAlt Coaches and Trainers:

Understand, assimilate, and deliver quality evidence-based approaches to practice

Commit to staying current with the most recent and evidence-based health and fitness information

Communicate well and prioritize their business management and client retention skills

Effectively and immediately troubleshoot problems and obstacles they encounter

Seamlessly translate their IFI knowledge into relevant, actionable steps that improve client’s health outcomes

Have a clear understanding of mechanisms to drive lasting health outcomes

IFI guarantees that any IFI Certified Coach/Trainer will make back the cost of a course in the first 3 months of working with clients on xAlt.

Why Do IFI Trainers Use xAlt to Deliver Their Programming?

Client Management
All of your clients health and fitness information is stored in one place. The dashboard helps you manage your clients, keep track of their progress and reporting, and never miss a scheduled session!
Business Growth & Management
xAlt’s dashboard allows you to manage and grow your business in one, convenient place. We keep you accountable and earning the highest payout in the industry.
Flexible Work Hours & Easy Scheduling
Set your availability and xAlt will match you with clients who fit into your schedule. Work any amount of hours that are suitable for your lifestyle, from wherever you are in the world.
Access to Knowledge from World-Class Experts
Everything about xAlt - from its approach and methodologies, to the design of the dashboard - is based on scientific evidence and years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Coaching on xAlt ensures you are always being fed the latest and most accurate sources of information. Our experts are here to support your success.
Integrated Wearable Data
Leverage the information uploaded from your client’s wearable devices to customize their programming and track their progress over time.
Database of Exercises & Action Assignments
Access to a large database of exercises and action items to use for client programming. xAlt’s actions are a component that drives lasting sustainable behaviour change. By assigning your clients something to follow-up with, it keeps them accountable and on track of achieving their health and fitness goals.
Coaches at xAlt are the difference between an average coach and an amazing one. IFI takes pride in educating students/trainers and preparing them to work on xAlt's platform, ensuring they are the best in the industry.
Chris McLellan
President of IFI

xAlt just makes sense. An IFI certification is guaranteed income. xAlt's dashboard makes managing your clients and your business seamless.